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We enable modern expriences for mobile and the web using Azure and AI.

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What We Do
Mod Digital specializes in modern mobile and web applications utilizing the Microsoft Azure cloud.

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Mobile App Development

We build modern, innovative mobile apps for .

Web and Cloud

We build fast and fluid web applications built with the latest technologies. We specialize in utilizing Microsoft's Azure cloud platform to help bring your apps to life!

Who We Are
Mod Digital LLC is a modern digital consulting company founded by industry veteran George Roberts.

George Roberts


George is a technology veteran with more than 25 years of experience in security and identity management; client and web application architecture, design and development; cloud architecture and operations; web and application hosting; and infrastructure design and support.

He has worked in enterprise IT for two different Fortune 500 companies and launched and ran several successful startups, including the producer of the largest tradeshow in the hosted services industry.

George is a proven technology leader with experience leading large-scale cloud-driven web applications projects. He uses his project management, architecture, design, engineering and development skills to deliver extraordinary, high quality solutions that are user friendly and scalable.

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